Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Still Going

Since the snow around Ontario has depleted so fast, we decided to make a quick trip to La Belle Province, Quebec. Beebe headed a few days earlier then the Jake, Tyler and Max and unfortunately it rained the day before the rest of the boys showed up. They came anyways and the snow seemed to be easy to work with and not very affected by the rain. We hit a bunch of Famous spots and a couple not so famous ones. Check us out here...

Suki Tremblay, look her up on facebook

I get why no locals hit this thing around this time. Its a big dig and alot of work

Tyler landed tricks, Max filmed them

Time to switch roles. Max got a banger...

Chez Ashton, best poutine

OG spot

Scary high bridge. It wobbles when your walking on it

Funnest spot I have ever hit

Looking down from that bridge

People ice climb up the frozen waterfall, scary

This part was not quite frozen

Getting that professional shot

Another spot Jake got frustrated at. It was worth it though

Max and Tyler again. Smiles all the time

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