Monday, March 14, 2011

Quik Tour - Revelstoke/ White Water

After Big White, we jumped into the truck and headed to Revelstoke. By sheer luck while riding the mountain, we ran into a couple of friends who knew all the best zones. They showed us around and were a HUGE help for us. After riding one day, we headed to The Cabin in town and did some bowling, and drinking of course. The next day we woke up and went on a bit of a hike for some shots. We then climbed into the car again and headed to the little town of Ymir near Nelson. Ymir is a great little town filled with great people and if you ever have the chance to stop by, we suggest you do that.

Had to represent everywhere we went

"You have to shoot beer cans at a bonfire"

The Echanted Forest, or something. A creepy kids zone en route to Revelstoke

Lots of luggage

Phil Tifo, Belzile on his phone, and Leo on the camera. Nothing unusual here

Our home for the weekend

Bedroom #1. Leo won the game of Roshambo for the king/ private room

Rasman in the gondola, day 1

Another lift up after that

Belzile and Tifo looking onwards

Gladed run, still had fresh turns at 12pm the day after a pow day

Matt checking out the scenery

And getting in some slashes

Phil's turn to check out the surroundings

Rasman hiking back up to his spot

The view

Our guides Pete and Jake who got us to one of the best zones I had been to in bounds at any resort

The bottom half

Profile pic


Hanging around in our first zone all day

Ninja Leo

Worked up an apetite, chicken and fish tacos

Matt, Leo, and Trent hanging in the kitchen

Mellow lense used by the Brain Farm crew. It's heavy, real heavy

Big trailer, big house


Matt ran into an old homie from Whistler. He mapped out some more good zones for us


Heading back up for another run

Dario didn't shave the whole trip. It was getting bad

Yup, gotta love it

Bowling at The Cabin

Everyone was stoked


Beebe and Leo with some drinks

Nicknames of course

Leo with his 3rd straight gutter ball

Headed to the Reagent Inn

Leo likes to dance

Chris ran into our new friend again

This girl was into Leo

She soon disappeared though

One very old Tractor in Ymir

White Water Resort

Another awesome guide. Luckily he had extra snow shoes for all of us

On the ridge

Leo was almost always behind the lense

You can still get to a chairlift from the end of the ridge

We rode all the way down to the road. Dario hitchhiked back to get the truck


The next day we headed back to Van and the trip was over. It went really good and hopefully you will all check it out in next season's Travel Issue of Snowboard Canada.

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