Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So while I was snowboarding the other day, my roomate comes up to me and tells me that she has some bad news. I told her to tell me and she says, "Not right now, I don't wanna ruin your life..." haha. I made her tell me anyway and it seems to be that someone who was at my house that day had spilt water onto my computer. I was not too worried about it and tried to let it dry. After a few attempts at making it work for longer then 10 minutes, it will now only keep restarting as soon as I hit that little power button. Basically I am telling you that there will be a shortage of episodes until I can get down to Vancouver.

BUT, There will be some 6137/PeachHat Colabs coming up and I will be posting them on here, so keep checking to see whats going on!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Trick Tip With... Cory Gallon

We got bored and thought we would have some fun making some food. So I hope you are all hungry and enjoy this quick and easy snack!

PeachHat - Trick Tip With... Cory Gallon from Beebe on Vimeo.

Last Black Day?

So this was filmed just before the May 24 long weekend. Since its been so busy and I have been somewhat injured AND blackcomb closes tomorrow. So I am not sure if I will make it up the hill tomorrow. Until we know, enjoy this video featuring; Ezra, Jon, Brody, Beebe, NY, Alec, and Troy!

PeachHat - Last Black Day? from Beebe on Vimeo.