Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breaking Out

It seemed like our bust streak would never end, but we finally got some luck and hit up a couple of cool new spots. Alex, Alex, Jake, Hayden and Mike flew in to get some work done and hangout. We've been shooting alot so hopefully we will keep it up.

Heading back on the road

Tim Horton's pitstop of course, starting the day off right

A fruit explosion, and a muffin

Mike got some stickers of his face made. You can see one on their rental van

First spot seemed like it would be mellow

Another Bust

Making sure there was no evidence left behind


Ashbee is art

and snowbaording

Met up with Ricci at our home base

Zack was hyped

Pump Bump


Our genny kind of didn't work

Sunrise to start off the new day. $3.65 special

Farstbee and Kuzyk


$2 bellaclava's

Jake wasn't snowboarding

Alex and Mike trying to annoy Jake

The bellaclava's were a big hit

What you know about bellaclava's?

Snack Time

Jake wanted to see what he looked like before his surgery

A couple of possibilities

Flying V

Finished the day with a rainy handstand from Hayden

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