Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still Going

Were still filming and still getting shots. We think this year is going really well so far for us so hopefully, we will have some good stuff to show you guys at the end of the year. We've been going to some new spots and some old spot, and even some old spots that have recently changed. Here are the photos from the last couple of days...

Setting up that Quebec drop in

Tyler got some shots the other day before anyone else showed up

The boys got stuck in traffic, 6 hours later, they made it

Doing his business before doing his business

Camera man post up

We rode late, but some of us did not succeed

Packed up and headed to Subway

Stopped to check this new spot out on the way back from Subway. Buck.

Showed up at a spot only to be disappointed, or maybe not?

Airtime Kyle going fakie

He didn't make it


Hit some rush hour traffic on the way home. Stoked

Finished the night off with some puzzles and hit the sack


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