Thursday, December 30, 2010

Out & About

We recently took another trip outside the city to some snow. We got a few shots, a few bails and alot of good times. We had another awesome crew and a great host letting us crash on the floor.

We made a mess in Jake's house. Luckily we were not there long enough for Karen to see.

Brody sessioned this little QP for a long time. He killed it.

Hiking those stairs again and again.

Ashbee risked his life to see if he could jump over the gap in the ice...

Ralph took over filming for the next web edit.

This spot was going off! We saw some great tobogganing and some decent snowboarding...

Sketchy build. Needless to say, this DID NOT WORK.

Back to Blasman's house for some late night snacks. Wings and a holy pizza.

Next level cooking maneuver

After a long battle fought hard with the oven, Blasman came out on top.

Until next time,


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