Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No Snow in Toronto

Brody, Jake, Will and Myself (Beebe) all met up at Tyler's and headed on our first "trip" of the season. Since we don't have any snow in the city, it looks like we will be forced to do alot of driving this season, AGAIN.

Leaving the Ashbee residence and on our way...

A quick and necessary stop.

After getting our car searched, we made it. Bridge into America.

Stoked... or something

Early sleeps and icepacks, first night out.

Legend. Love/Hate

Laci's Burger Joint. If you can find this place, do not hesitate.

Jungle gyms rule, We stopped to play here for a while

Aunt Deb's new digs.

Unfortunately, a few of us were hurting and the weather was super shitty so we cut the trip short and headed back to Canada.

This novelty snowman cheered us up.


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