Saturday, November 14, 2009

Whistler Opening Day

So I decided to come out to Whistler for the opening weekend... and probably a week or two after as well haha... Today was a really amazing day. We headed into the village at about 6 a.m. to get a nice spot in line for some fresh snow. We were expecting quite a bit of snow so everyone was super stoked! There ended up being way more snow then we thought so we didn't film a whole lot, but you can check out this little edit I made and also some super sweet photos from the day!

Boozy the Clown made an appearance.. Brocklebank

Lucas getting ridiculous on the chair lift with Jake

Neil Young and Blaine covered in snow after our first run today...

We met up with Alex Stathis for a few runs down Garbonzo hit run...

Opening day lift lines are the best!

PYPat, Greame, and Spencer were out getting all the action as well!

Going to hopefully be putting up a video everyday I ride! So check back regularly!

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Danika said...

BALLS! lucky. looked too fun to be truueeee