Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Whistler Day Four

Last night we got 41cm... On our first ride we cruised down an untouched run with an enormous amount of pow on it. To our surprise though, there were giant trees fallen over everywhere! When we were going up the lift, the glades were destroyed by fallen over trees... I guess there were 120km/h gusts the night before which caused total chaos. It still didn't stop us from having the best day yet. We ran into Andrew Burns and he took us into some trees which were so good that we stayed there almost all day long. Around lunchtime we ended up with Chris Rasman and Wiley Tesso who showed us some sweet backflip spots... We ended the day with hit run and then straight under the Whistler Gondola all the way to Mid-Station. Check out the video for some captured events!

Colin D. Watt with an awesome powder mustache...

Jake Fine getting some extreme airtime

Alex Beebe also trying to touch sky

Colin with some sort of awesome flip attempt...

Epic method off a nice little drop from Colin D.

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