Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Squamish Field Trip


Jake! and Max!

It was very foggy and rainy the whole day

I wanted to stop and say hello to the Brackendale sign.. Here's Jake and Max!

And Max and Myself being awesome

Our whole trip was based on buying stuff from here, but i don't think we had too much luck

So we went to Walmart to try our luck


I found a sweet movie for 5 bucks and Max bought that flannel coat right there


Haven't had a Hot'n'Ready for a long time

Max decided to try Taco Del Mar instead..

Jake's Pizza

Jake Dancing and...

Doing something....

Home sweet home

Had a pretty mellow day in Whistler, Night!

1 comment:

allyw said...

i am 100% squamish born...i was about to say squamish native, but there are a lot of actual natives there, so thats slightly offensive...

im creeping your blog, and i like it a lot

loooove: ally!