Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Batman Attacks

So, Nikki, Jake and I were all watching 88 Minutes and all of the sudden, Jake #2 (the cat) starts freaking out. I look to see what is going on and there is something flying around the dining room. My first reaction is "What the fuck is Jake doing? THERES A BIRD IN THE HOUSE!"....Human Jake then corrects me, " ITS A BAT!"... After about 5 minutes of running around and trying to get the bat out, it decided to fly upstairs into my room with cat Jake shortly following. We all ran upstairs just to catch Jake leap 5 or so feet into the air off my bed trying to eat the bat. An hour passed of trying to direct the bat out my door or my window (anywhere we could really), while trying to stay as far away from it as possible. It took some blows from a bamboo pole, a broom and lots of water from a squirt bottle. FINALLY, we had the ingenious idea to attach a bowl to the end of the broom and capture the bat. We slid it down the wall and put cardboard over the bowl, concluding to the release of the bat out my window.

A great adventure and now we are back to watching our movie.

I suggest you see it, and keep your windows and doors closed. GOODNIGHT!

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