Monday, September 6, 2010


We really apreciate everyone showing their love and support for us over the last two season's. All though it may seem like our whole life is a vacation, and who are we kidding it pretty much is, Jon Versteeg, Brody Pigeau, David Hull and myself (Alex Beebe) are going on vacation. We are going to this place...

For almost two months. I am not entirely sure how much computer time we will be having, so don't expect alot of updating or videos or anything like that. However, when we return, everyone will be able to watch the new PeachHat movie. Probably around the 1st of November. We will also hopefully be making a giant edit from our entire trip to Indo. Just to get you all excited, rewatch both of the teasers everyday while we are gone.

Riding Teaser

Lifestyle Teaser

And don't forget the B-Roll!

So thats all for now folks! Talk to you all soon and get ready for our best PeachHat movie yet!

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