Monday, July 27, 2009

Chill on The Hill

Nestea put on this event up on Whistler that consisted of some winter activities and some summer activities. Unfortunately for Neil and I, we left our snowboards on Blackcomb. We had to wake early and go all the way up Blackcomb, back down to the peak 2 peak and then take that across to Whistler. We walked through the beach volleyball courts and past the main concert stage up to the area where they had setup some rails for us to play on. It ended up being super fun until they kicked a bunch of people off so they could have a contest. Neil and Dfed poached the contest and killed it while I filmed. There will be a video of it up shortly!! Anyways, check out some photos from the event.

On the peak 2 peak

Craig made an appearance before he headed to Cali

Downrail, brand new DFD box and gap to down box, all into a wallride at the bottom

Neil and his snowboard at the very last snowboard session of the season

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