Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So while I was snowboarding the other day, my roomate comes up to me and tells me that she has some bad news. I told her to tell me and she says, "Not right now, I don't wanna ruin your life..." haha. I made her tell me anyway and it seems to be that someone who was at my house that day had spilt water onto my computer. I was not too worried about it and tried to let it dry. After a few attempts at making it work for longer then 10 minutes, it will now only keep restarting as soon as I hit that little power button. Basically I am telling you that there will be a shortage of episodes until I can get down to Vancouver.

BUT, There will be some 6137/PeachHat Colabs coming up and I will be posting them on here, so keep checking to see whats going on!

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