Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jonathon William Rusk

Whats up?
huh? are we doing it now?

Yea haha
nothing, watching a movie, why whats up with you?

Uhm Nothing... Why are you here?

What like at your place? ...or in Whistler?

I'm here because I didn't wanna walk in the rain last night. I'm in Whistler because I am in love...

Ha ha ha. With?
(looks around the room) Uhh... I am in love with... Hmm... I am in love with Jessica Alba! Don't write that though haha.. I am love with the scene, the atmosphere, everything I do and everything Whistler has to offer.. Except for scenster sluts.

The Pro Hoes?
YA! The Pro Hoes

Do you even know the name of the movie we are watching?
Who is Bill?..

No thats not it

Meet Bill? haha

Any last words Jon?

Glasses up, Bitches down

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smolik. said...

Glasses up! Bitches down!